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Is A New CD Coming Soon?

As the producer of the group, I receive a handful of emails every month about a new cd being released by The Christianboys.   I will address that question here.

Over 10,000 free albums have been download and shared with 100,000's of people around the world, since the album's release.  Stories about the music touching the lives of so many has been overwhelming.

This CD took me literally over 2,000 hours to produce, record, mix, master and write/arrange (half of the songs on the CD).  A month after the CD was released, unfortunately, one member of the group quit, which ended The Christian Boys.  I believe if I would have been a true Christian leader and used wisdom, the group could have moved on with a new member and would have enjoyed a successful career.  

So many lives have been changed, and the learning experience was priceless.  I wish all three Christian Boys, and those who auditioned, the very best in their lives.  Keep on loving the Lord!

That all being said, there will not be a follow up CD from The Christian Boys.  Continue to enjoy the debut CD!  GOD BLESS!  

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